Episode 18

Charlie Robertson - A Multi-Decade View of Frontier Markets (Episode #18)

In this episode of the Frontier Markets Podcast, we have a conversation with Charlie Robertson. He is the author of two books: (1) The Fastest Billion - The Story Behind Africa's Economic Revolution' (2) The Time Travelling Economist - Why Education, Electricity and Fertility Are Key to Escaping Poverty. He was previously the Chief Economist @Renaissance Capital and is currently Head of Macro Strategy @FIM Partners.

In this episode, we sat down to discuss:

  • An oral history of the USSR's privatisations, the fog of war, and the opportunities that arose as the world transitioned during that time.
  • Landmark transactions that shaped emerging markets @Renassance Capital
  • The evolution of emerging markets from the perspective of an observer and participant over the last 20 years.
  • The nature of development, economic growth, and building prosperity within these regions - and how investors can contribute + capitalise.

This was an incredible episode with tons of wisdom; hope you enjoy!

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