Episode 7

Steven Jasmin - Guyana's Great Transformation and Opportunities (Frontier Markets Podcast #7)

Guyana is laying the foundation to be one of the great growth stories from the 2020s to 2050. In 2022, the economy was forecasted to grow at 40% and ended up growing at 60%+ 🤯

In this episode of the Frontier Markets Podcast, we have a conversation with Steven Jasmin; Guyana's leading merchant banker, asset manager, and commercial real estate developer. Steven is a serial founder, with experiences ranging from working with Louisiana Oil Families, SF Technology Companies, Gulf State Capital, and more. Our conversations covers the following topics:

  • The origin story of Guyana, its unique cultural dynamics, and how its growth engine works
  • The recent history of Guyana and how it has engaged in capacity building over the previous decade.
  • The current pipeline of infrastructure and projects that are coming on-line in Guyana this decade
  • Comparing Guyana to peers, to contextualise its growth story.
  • How Steven's firm has positioned itself to capitalise and accelerate a generational opportunity of wealth creation; for the country, investors, citizens, and more.
  • Steven's operating philosophy and how to apply it to Frontier and Emerging Markets.

This is one of my favourite episodes, so I hope you, dear listener, enjoy this as much as I did.

If you're a high agency person and want to learn more, check out:

  • Steven's writing on Linkedin
  • Reach out to me at krish[at]frontiermarkets[dot]institute -- I'd love to share some of my favourite readings and add you to a group chat of others who are learning more about this market.

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