Episode 14

Kiyan Zandiyeh - The Art, Craft, and Science of Investing in the Frontier (Frontier Markets Podcast #14)

In this episode of the Frontier Markets Podcast, we have a conversation with Kiyan Zandiyeh, the CEO of Sturgeon Capital.

Sturgeon Capital is a thesis driven investment firm, that invests across VC and PE in regions such as Pakistan, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, and more.

This is one of my favourite episodes, in which we cover:

  • What are the lessons we can learn from historic
  • What are the most enduring, valuable, and high growth potential assets for frontier markets?
  • How does one build a process for sourcing, selecting, and cultivating these?
  • What are the ways to think about macro factors in frontier markets?
  • What does a 30+ year time horizon unlock when thinking about frontier markets?
  • What does it mean to build a meaningful life?
  • What are the lessons we can learn from great founders in markets like Iran and Kazakhstan?

I hope you enjoy this episode as much as I did!

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