Episode 10

Beth Morrissey - Distressed Debt in Developing Markets; and Turkey/Egypt's Macro Outlook (Frontier Markets Podcast #10)

In this episode of the Frontier Markets Podcast, we have a conversation with Beth Morrissey; Managing Partner at Kleiman International, an emerging markets focused advisory and research firm.

Beth and Kleiman have been covering emerging markets for 35+ years. They've seen multiple cycles of sovereign debt crises (Brady Bonds), emerging market booms (Asian Tigers), and more.

This episode covers:

  • A thematic history of frontier and emerging markets, and its relationship with the IMF/World Bank
  • Current patterns of sovereign debt distress in 20+ countries; most of which are in Africa.
  • Turkey's recent election, its industrial history over the last 2 decades, and questions regarding its future
  • Egypt's decades of 'economic reform'
  • Debt for Nature Swaps
  • Emerging Markets Themes for the next decade.

This was an incredibly informative episode (apologies for the lacklustre audio!). I hope you enjoy it.


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